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Saturday, November 10, 2018
Week of November 11th happenings, at the Moose Lodge.1336/1004..
Monday November 12th:
Public Bingo in the hall.. doors open at 6pm early bird plays at 6:45,
always looking for volunteers to help.…

Thursday November 15th:
Mens General /Legion Meeting 7pm

Saturday November 17th
WOTM Meat Wheel @ 6:00 PM
In house member 9 Ball Tournament @ 6pm
Free Pool Table After Pool Tournament

Sunday November 18, 2018:
Member Bar Bingo @ 6pm
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Thursday, July 30, 2015
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Administrator's Message
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Brother and Co-workers,
The bridge is open so we hope to see some old faces back at the club. We are trying new events like we are being asked but we need the members to come out and support them. If you don't like what we are doing please say something. Please remember that the board of officers are VOLUNTEERS here, except for me I get paid. But neither the men or the women are and they give of their time to help the Moose So how about helping instead of knocking down all we are trying to do. Also please understand that when we enforce the rule it's not to be mean it's to keep us from potentially getting fined for breaking the law. So when a bartender or an officer is trying to do what's right please don't treat them poorly just follow the rules that we agreed to follow when we joined.

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